Jetpack, One of the Popular and essential plugin for WordPress and it’s getting better day by day. On one Way You can use it as an SEO Plugin which is taking on Yoast SEO. On another way, there are lots of features on which we can rely on it.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin
Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Jetpack Features

  • WordPress Security
  • Traffic and SEO Tools
  • Backup Services
  • Simple, Beautiful and Fast
  • with lots of features like Photon, Publicize etc.

Jetpack is freemium WordPress Plugin where a free user gets most of it but with paid subscription, user can get upgraded and enhanced features just like Security Scanning, Backups, Generating income with high-quality ads, Protect against data loss, malware, and malicious attacks, helps you on Search Engine Optimization, Easy to integrate with Google Analytics etc.

Jetpack vs Yoast SEO

Since Yoast SEO plugin is complete Search Engine Optimization plugin that really helps you in your On Page Optimization where as Jetpack helps you to view your traffic on Daily, Monthly and Yearly basis with lots of features where it is challenging Yoast Seo just like on Sitemap, Integrating with Google Analytics, Publicizing your content, verifying with Webmasters tools like Google, Bing, Yandex, Pinterest etc.

Actually, you can’t compare Jetpack and Yoast because they are two different plugins where Yoast helps you on Optimization of your website whereas Jetpack is a quintessential plugin for WordPress.

Use Jetpack for faster Image Loading with Photon

Jetpack plugin with Image Optimization Photon Features

In this plugin, you can find a setting where you need to enable Speed up images and photos. It uses CDN (Content Delivery Network) where it optimizes your images. Faster the sites happy the users will be.

Filter Out Spammy Comments with Jetpack

Filtering out Spam with this plugin is easy in which you can find a spam free website. This will help you to save your time and can be focused on other things.

Customizing your site’s Meta Description

Like in Yoast SEO plugin you can customize your site’s Meta Description which will help you on Search Engine Ranking while showing on Search Engine Like Google, Bing etc. In this plugin, it generally comes with a Premium plan. But in Yoast Plugin we can get it on free plan with Advanced Options enabled.

Hence, WordPress without Jetpack plugin is like an incomplete love story. So, guys if you are using WordPress Platform for your blog, website etc then it’s must have plugin.

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